Organic Coconut Dark Chocolate

Organic Coconut Dark Chocolate


This Bar is made in collaboration with Artist Jola Sopek.

Why Coconut Dark chocolate?

"I love all chocolate - dark, milk and white; but if I am to think of one that is the classiest, most versatile and guilt-free, I tend to go for dark. I love the intensity of the lingering flavour of cocoa beans in it, and a lot of people I know are vegan, which means that everyone could indulge in it too. As for the coconut - I adore all sorts of nuts in general, and coconut is just such a wholesome food. I also love the way it looks, which is why I envisioned those juicy coconuts decorating the chocolate wrap even before I imagined the chocolate flavour itself!!"_Jola

Find her work :

Instagram: @jolapictures
Facebook: Jola Sopek


All our beans are Organic and from Transparent Trade.

This 70% cocoa coconut dark chocolate is made with cocoa beans from Cahabon, Guatemala, coconut sugar and cocoa butter.


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  • Product Info

    70g chocolate bar

    Ingredients: cocoa beans, coconut sugar, cocoa butter, coconut flakes

    Vegan, Soya Free

    Contains coconut and may contain traces of other Nuts

  • Conservation

    Store in a cool, dry place, away from humidity and any light.

    Poor conservation can result in discoloration of the chocolate.