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Craft your own chocolate with Chef Audrey

Craft your own chocolate with Chef Audrey

Description of the class:

1 to 4 persons from the same household at a time (or same family/friend/work group).
A talk on how chocolate is made, with a cup of hot chocolate.
Development of your own chocolate, how to create a chocolate recipe respecting percentage between ingredients.
1kg of the same chocolate will be made for the whole groupe, due to the current situation, it will be made by Audrey, behind a protective screen. Unfortunately there won't be any hand on activities, but you'll be able to see, smell and taste your chocolate in every step of the making.
The chocolate will then need to grind for more than 24h, Audrey will take care of it, temper the chocolate bars and package them for you.
1kg of chocolate will make between 12 and 14 chocolate bars which will be available for collection few days later, they can also be sent by post.
You will have the option to create your own packaging from a large range of paper designs.

Every member of the group will have to wear a face mask (except for kids) 


This class is Vegan friendly

  • Who can join the class ?

    We will be welcoming 1 to 4 personne.

    Kids are more than welcome if they are with an adult.

    Unfortunately there are two small steps to enter the shop.

  • Safety/Hygiene

    We will not accept anyone not wearing a face mask (or any face covering).

    Due to the current situation the chocolate will be designed and entirely though by you but the actual making of it will be done by Audrey, to ensure that the correct distance from the preparation area is respected.


  • Before you come in

    We will contact you to book a suitable time for you,

    The class will take between 1 to 2 hours (more if needed), there is parking in the street (up to 2hours at £0.75/30min), free on Sundays.

    If this is a surprise present we will provide a range of ingredients for the person to chose from on the day. If you already have an idea of the chocolate you would like, let us know as soon as possible to make sure that we can provide the ingredients.

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