Blackberry Milk Chocolate Tablet

Blackberry Milk Chocolate Tablet


This Bar is made in collaboration with Artist Rosie Dore.

Why Blackberry ?

"This is the flavour I always associate with the British countryside; picking them from hedgerows with my family, and then later seeing wild badgers coming into our garden and munching fruit around the brambles. This is a particular celebration of badgers now that the government have finally decided to phase out their culling programme. Long live the badger!"_Rosie

Find her work :

Instagram: @rosie.dore


All our beans are Organic and from Transparent Trade.

This 42.5% cocoa blackberry milk chocolate is made with cocoa beans from Cahabon, Guatemala, and transformed into bars by ourselves.


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  • Product Info

    70g chocolate bar

    Ingredients : cane sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa beans, milk powder, freeze dried blackberries

    Vegetarian, Soya Free

    Contains dairy. May contain traces of Nuts

  • Conservation

    Store in a cool, dry place, away from humidity and any light.

    Poor conservation can result in discoloration of the chocolate.