Almond Dark Chocolate & Sour Cherries

Almond Dark Chocolate & Sour Cherries


This Bar is made in collaboration with Artist Amber Elise.

Why Almond and Cherry Dark chocolate?

"Two delicious flavours which work beautifully together. I love almond with any style of chocolate, especially rich organic dark, for me it's the perfect combination. My design is abstract and playful, using colours and shapes that represent the flavours for me. The endless squiggly line is how chocolate makes me feel sometimes, you never want it to end and your head goes all fuzzy."_Amber

Find her work :

Website: Amber Elise


All our beans are Organic and from Transparent Trade.

This almond dark chocolate is made with cocoa beans from Cahabon, Guatemala, the almonds are grinded in the chocolate for a really smooth result. Finished with chopped organic sour cherries.


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  • Product Info

    70g chocolate bar

    Ingredients : cocoa beans, cane sugar, almonds, cocoa butter, sun dried morello cherries

    Vegan, Soya Free

    Contains Nuts

  • Conservation

    Store in a cool, dry place, away from humidity and any light.

    Poor conservation can result in discoloration of the chocolate.