55% Dark Chocolate, Pistachio and Cranberry

55% Dark Chocolate, Pistachio and Cranberry


This Bar is made in collaboration with Artist Karina Mansfield.

Why Pistachio and Cranberry Dark chocolate?

"The chocolate choice for me was a no brainer - I love dark chocolate because it has personality and the taste stays in your mouth forever - plus my love with cranberries (tangy but sweet) and I had to have nuts. I think it's an upbeat mixture"_Karina

Find her work :

Instagram: @designsbykarina


All our beans are Organic and from Transparent Trade.

This almond dark chocolate is made with cocoa beans from Cahabon, Guatemala, the almonds are grinded in the chocolate for a really smooth result. Finished with chopped organic sour cherries.


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  • Product Info

    70g chocolate bar

    Vegan, Soya Free

    Contains Nuts

  • Conservation

    Store in a cool, dry place, away from humidity and any light.

    Poor conservation can result in discoloration of the chocolate.