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Our Story


Audrey Dufay

Owner & Creator

Terre de Sienne has been created by Chef and Owner Audrey Dufay in 2019.

Audrey started pastry in 2013 at the age of 21, in France, as an apprentice at Sadaharu Aoki. After which she gained experience in different pastry shops and restaurants in Europe and Australia.

While pastry has always been a passion, the interest for chocolate came along the way and became her main focus.

The idea of making her own chocolate came from research about the chocolate industry and the will to make a change in the way chocolate is sourced and handled.

Some chocolate makers choose to get their chocolate as a semifinished product after the grinding or conching stage, at Terre de Sienne we prefer to get the beans after the drying stage, sort them, roast them and turn them into chocolate ourselves.

This choice offers more control on the finished product and allows us to make chocolate with respect to the environment and of the chocolate professionals who bring the beans to this stage.

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